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1989 BMW 325i

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422
Vehicle Synopsis
Type of Owner:Private Owner
Body Style:Convertible
Engine:6 Cylinder
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Black
Story Behind the Vehicle


This is a 1989 325i Convertible (e30) black on black with 5-speed manual transmission. The seller commissioned a comprehensive restoration with over $72k in work completed by Sin City BMW of Las Vegas, NV. The entire chassis, drivetrain and engine was disassembled, rebuilt, painted, and detailed to new condition. The underbody has been thoroughly cleaned by hand and steamed for a spotless aesthetic. Please see attached video to really comprehend the outstanding condition of this 325i. The seller commissioned Sin City to make this 325i convertible look like a car you could have walked into a dealership and bought in 1989. It has a clear title and is in Minnesota.


This BMW 325i exterior is black with a black convertible soft top. The exterior was buffed, and ceramic coated and is in excellent condition. It has new tires wrapped around never used bottle cap wheels. Each bottle cap wheel was sourced from never mounted spares complete with the chalk marks from four different e30 owners. That sums up how meticulous this restoration was. All the Cosmoline was removed from the engine bay and then it was ceramic coated with the original finish to make it easy to clean. The entire chassis was scrubbed by hand and steam cleaned for a week to remove the original Cosmoline and road grime.


The interior is all original upholstered in black leather with 5-speed manual transmission and upgraded blue tooth stereo. The leather has been cleaned and reconditioned, there are no cracks in the dashboard and the cluster gauges were all restored.



A full rotisserie mechanical restoration with all new electronics. The engine and the drive train were stripped out of the vehicle and rebuilt with BMW OEM parts. All the engine aluminum pieces were hydro blast to maintain that raw aluminum finish and make them easy to clean. All mountings were cad plated, bushings replaced, driveshaft rebuilt, the gas tank was restored to retain the original black finish because replacement tanks are silver, the differential was gone through and resealed, fully rebuilt brakes and hardware, the exhaust retreated, and new hangars were installed.



The seller’s goal of this rotisserie restoration was to make this 325i convertible look like a car you could have walked into a dealership and bought in 1989. Sin City BMW exceeded that vision. This is a car for a collector who demands the very best. It would be impossible to replicate this restoration for this cost. It can compete in the toughest concours beauty show with a chassis, engine bay and drivetrain that was steamed and cleaned by hand. A video and records are included in the sale to showcase how thorough the quality of this restoration really is.

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