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2002 BMW 325Ci

South Carolina 29464
Vehicle Synopsis
Type of Owner:Private Owner
Car Club:BMW CCA
Engine:In-line 6 cylinder
Exterior Color:Orient Blue
Interior Color:Tan
Story Behind the Vehicle

This is my first BMW, an e46 six-speed convertible . It was well-maintained by its previous owner in suburban Philadelphia. I called my dad, who lives in the area, and asked him to check out the car. I was expecting to hear that the car creaked and groaned, but he called me and said “this car is a thoroughbred!” At that point, the sale was only a matter of time. The seller agreed to repair a tear in the driver’s seat bolster and ship it to me. Within two weeks, the car was in my driveway. This was initially intended to be a weekend car, but my daughter soon got her license and needed a car to go to and from school. So I gave her my Kia Sorrento; now this e46 is my daily driver! I’m never selling it.

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