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1998 BMW 318ti

South Carolina 29414
Vehicle Synopsis
Type of Owner:Private Owner
Car Club:BMW CCA/Project Boys
Engine:M44 1.9L
Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Black
Story Behind the Vehicle

Couple years ago I purchased a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer from a dealership which I planned to fix up and resell. Unfortunately that didn’t work out like I expected so I wanted to get rid of the car. I posted it on Facebook Marketplace looking to either sell or trade it. Few days later someone messaged me with this exact BMW wanting to trade for my Lancer. I knew almost nothing about BMW’s but was still interested in it. The owner needed someone more practical (as the car was just sitting in his yard under a tree) and I was open for anything. I looked up the BMW model on YouTube to get some more information and what do you know, one of the best Automotive Groups “Hoonigan” made a video on one drifting like crazy at their compound. After seeing that, I knew I had to get it. We met up and the car was beautiful! No rust, no rips in the seats (leather), no cracked dash, and already had a sub, wheels, and upgraded clutch. Obviously knowing it was better than my Lancer I accepted the trade offer and we parted ways. Only things i’ve done to the car since then have been new headlights, new front control arms/tie rods/tires, and new exhaust (straight piped). The car is amazing and has everything in the perfect position. Plan to fully restore it in the future but as for now she just rides and sits pretty. I DO NOT RACE, DRIFT, OR BURNOUT MY CAR AND DO NOT CONDEMN ANYONE TO DO SO. Thank you reading my story and have a great life, whatever it may be!

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