Photo Tips

Find a location that enhances the look of your car and does not distract. You are selling your car and not the background. Take pictures outside instead of indoors for natural lighting. Wait for the right lighting outside. Choose the time of day when daylight is optimum. Avoid shadows that can alter the actual color of the car and hide imperfections or details that increase your cars value.
Well Maintained Car Image
Car Image in Optimum Day light
Make sure to wash your car and vacuum or clean any interior clutter that can distract or reduce the value of your pictures. Buyers associate a clean car with a well maintained car.
Front Side Image of Auction Car
Side Image of Auction Cars
Car features Close up Image

A picture is worth a thousand words so make it as enticing as you can. Your photographs should make anyone salivate over your car. Take your time and don’t rush to finish. Perform a quality control check after each picture. Get a second opinion before uploading. You have only one chance to make a big impression.